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Honda Warranty Coverage

Standard Warranty Coverage

The warranty information you'll find in this section covers all new Honda automobiles manufactured by Honda Motor Company Ltd., sold by authorized Honda automobile dealers within Canada, and normally operated within Canada.

Warranty = Peace of mind.
Warranty = Owner satisfaction.

For specific Warranty Coverage details, check the warranty booklet that came with your Honda, or call Bolton Honda at 1 (866) 938-0764.

Power Train

5 years / 100,000km

Distributor's Warranty

3 years / 60,000km

Emission Systems

3 years / 60,000km


3 years / 60,000km

Rust Perforation

5 years / No Distance Limit

Surface Corrosion

3 years / No Distance Limit

Emission Systems

8 years / 130,000km

Includes: Three way catalytic converted engine control module (ECM), on board diagnostic connector & engine light.

Roadside Assistance

3 years / No Distance Limit

Vehicles from 2005 onwards come with 3 years Roadside Assistance.


3 years / No Distance Limit

50% - 3rd year with no distance limit excluding labour.
100% - 2 years with no distance limit.

Audio Components

3 years / 60,000km

Integrated Motor Assist Sys

8 years / 160,000km

Note: The owner of the vehicle is responsible to report to an authorized Honda dealer in Canada any items which they feel are defective, and request warranty coverage, if applicable, within the terms of the warranty. The vehicle must be made available to the dealer for warranty repairs within the warranty period.

Download Warranty Guide

To download PDF, select the start period of your warranty.

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Honda Plus Extended Warranty Coverage

Designed to ensure Honda quality care for your vehicle. Honda, renowned for its sophisticated automobiles, has also established a name synonymous with reliability. Building on that reputation, we've created Honda Plus Extended Owner Comfort. A plan you can customize to minimize the aggravation and expense of unpleasant driving experiences. And it guarantees that, no matter what happens and no matter where you drive in Canada and continental USA, your vehicle will be backed by Honda approved technicians using Honda parts. That's something to think about when you drive your Honda and when you're looking for solid resale value further down the road.

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