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Honda Lease End Process Vehicle Inspection

Car Lease End Process

Normal Wear & Tear vs. Excess Wear & Tear

Normal wear & tear is expected on the vehicle and will not be assessed as damage. Some examples are:

  • Minor dents and dings
  • Small scratches less than 5 cm (2")
  • A few stone ships in the paint finish

Excess wear and tear is noted if the vehicle is damaged or has not been properly maintained. According to the terms of your lease agreement, you are financially responsible for any excess wear and tear found on the vehicle at the time of return. Here are some examples of excess wear and tear items:

  • Excessive dents, chips, scratches, or stone chips on the vehicle's paint and body
  • Chipped, cracked or broken glass
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Substandard quality repairs
  • Rips, tears or burns in the upholstery
  • Any undisclosed damage

Honda Financial Services (HFS) works with Datascan Field Services (DFS), a national vehicle appraisal service provider specializing in vehicle condition inspections. DFS is the only authorized party allowed to perform vehicle inspections on your leased vehicle. Inspectors for DFS have been well trained to follow specific guidelines that we have established in order to determine abnormal wear and tear on our vehicles. DFS will contact you approximately forty-five (45) days prior to your renewal date.

HFS encourages you to be present during the inspection, as you will be asked to sign the report. Once the inspection is performed, DFS will make the report available on their website where it can be viewed by yourself, HFS and your original authorized Honda dealer. HFS will review the damage and assess charges accordingly. You will be responsible for all applicable charges including excess kilometers.

Your Lease End Options

  • Option 1: Return your vehicle and lease a new one.
  • Option 2: Return your leased vehicle and purchase a certified used vehicle.
  • Option 3: Purchase your leased vehicle.
  • Option 4: Return your leased vehicle to the dealer.