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Lease Loyalty Centre

Lease Loyalty Program

Here at Classic Honda, we want to give you the best resources and information available regarding Honda Canada Programs. We pride ourselves to offer you the LOWEST COST IN DRIVING. In what we mean, is that our Classic Honda lease offers more than just a low lease payment. You can review all the features and benefits below. Our Leasing/Loyalty Centre is here to answer your questions and give you the option to make a clear and informed decision from purchasing your existing lease and reviewing all options on a new lease!

Eligible Vehicles

All new, current and previous year Honda models qualify for Honda Financial Services (HFS) leasing programs.

3 Great Options

  1. Sell or trade-in the vehicle against a newer vehicle.
  2. Walk away from the vehicle with no hidden fees.
  3. Purchase the vehicle for cash or refinance the remaining balance and continue to use the vehicle.

More importantly, we can help with all of your leasing needs!